One more.

One more thing to do. We get frustrated in the day to day because we have so much to do. Yet, while this is the case, we love to be busy. We schedule our lives because we want to do everything and we don’t want to miss out on anything. As I was moping in the fact that I never stop, my roommate blew my mind and rocked my world when she remarked on how she enjoys to be busy. Wow, while I complain. I enjoy going to and from. I love being here, there, and everywhere all of the time. Now, that being said, there are negative aspects to a constant running. When the still moments do come, how often are we truly able to sit and be still? Well, tonight, I am going to sit and be still. Tomorrow I will finish my homework and finish studying for my exam. Today, I will rest. I will sit for thirty minutes and be still. Then, after thirty minutes, I will drift off into a deep sleep, or I hope I will at least. Therefore, tomorrow, I will wake up fully rested, vivacious, and excited to celebrate life!


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